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When your business needs some of these excellent IT features: Extranet, Intranet, Content Management, Enterprise social networking, enterprise application store, web content management, Personal cloud etc, then all you think about is a web application platform called sharepoint which is from one of the world's trustable brand Microsoft. Finding these features is not as tough as getting them developed from an experienced professional, but at Decisive Technology this difficulty of getting these features developed by an expert is no longer a difficult thing, because here with us, you choose an expert from our 50+ professionals who work only for your development process of sharepoint. These are hand picked professionals by our finest and talented management team, any sharepoint developer whom you hire from us will surely give you an out of the box solution to all your sharepoint development needs. So, what can be better than getting a developer of same mindset as you do, who develops exactly similar as you have planned.

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What you get when you hire our expert

• Dedicated professional working only for you

• 8 hours a day, 5 days a week of working

• Assigned project manager to keep you updated on the work

• Timely communication face to face, via emails, phone or skype

• 24x7 support

• Creative piece of work

• Strategies to get you maximized profit

• Free consultation

Why Do You Need A dedicated Developer

• A dedicated developer works only for you during working hours to ensure that your work is finished at earliest

• He/she works on your specifications

• Hiring a dedicated developer would cost you a lot lesser than what a company would

• A hired developer would put all the strategies in your work, he or she has acquired, over the years of experience

• A Developer works for you unless you are completely satisfied with the work

• A developer would not just write codes but would also make sure that you get the right prospect

Our Core Values

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Quality Assurance

We handle each project with care & besides care, we prioritize the quality of each project that we work on, to ensure the maximized growth of our client.

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High Quality

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Apart from giving successful results to our clients, we also give guaranteed satisfaction to our valuable clients as the customer is always the king.

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Search Optimization

Creative Touch

Since the competition in business is arising frequently, we make sure that our client's projects are getting that creative touch which makes them unique from others.

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Fully Customizable

Long-Term Business

Since our success is driven by your success, so we ensure our clients to provide them the improved quality of the business so that we happily shake hands every now and then.

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