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Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy

Once your project is developed by us, you are the master of it as it cannot be cancelled. You can only cancel your project while it is in the process of development. In the event of development services, you are only entitled to cancel your services while the project is being developed by us. No cancellations are entertained for those services that Decisive Technology had offered on promotional offer / special occasions or Discount period. These are limited occasion offers by the company and hence cancellations are not possible in any conditions.
Only software, web, IT support services will be renewed automatically until it is cancelled. If you don't want to renew your yearly or monthly services, you must send an email to to cancel.

Refund Policy

We always offer the best quality work to our clients that suits their requirements. We can understand that if you are not satisfied with our work later, for that, we can provide a refund. All refund will take maximum of 15 working days to process and it will be directly deposited in your account. Taxes cannot be refunded by us as they are deposited directly at the end of each month, however it might be possible to reclaim those directly from the government.
You are not entitled to get any refund on any product bought on behalf of you from the third party. The refund on custom projects can be done but only if the refund is raised within the seven days of agreement signed before commencing the project.

Our Core Values

Around The Clock

Quality Assurance

We handle each project with care & besides care, we prioritize the quality of each project that we work on, to ensure the maximized growth of our client.

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High Quality

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Apart from giving successful results to our clients, we also give guaranteed satisfaction to our valuable clients as the customer is always the king.

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Search Optimization

Creative Touch

Since the competition in business is arising frequently, we make sure that our client's projects are getting that creative touch which makes them unique from others.

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Fully Customizable

Long-Term Business

Since our success is driven by your success, so we ensure our clients to provide them the improved quality of the business so that we happily shake hands every now and then.

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We Will Be Glad To Hear From You

We Are Available 24x7

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