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Privacy Policy

At Decisive Technology, we are ensuring you to protect the privacy and confidentiality of information about our clients. We also protect the data of our esteemed clients. Certain points will help you in knowing how we safeguard the privacy of information:

• Informing customers when we are requesting information from them, including the type of information we are requesting and the purpose for which that information will be used

• Maintaining accurate records and providing access to personal, identifiable, and retainable information online

• Using secure system technology, physical and electronic, to secure the information regarding our clients

We can use information about our clients for our internal business purposes, such as billing, statistics, client services, fraud monitoring, and expanding and improving the products offered by us. However, we may use the information, including postal address and/or email address, to send you service information and marketing material.


We have all the right to disclose any of the information we collect from or about you (as described above) to the following types of entities upon written request: regulatory authorities; affiliated or partner companies, such as data bureaus; or an entity that has executed a service contract with Decisive Technology for purposes of providing our software solution.

However, we do not disclose the personal identity information data you provide to us via our online software to any other company for any marketing purposes. We do not sell, trade, or distribute the information we collect from you to outside vendors or third parties unrelated to the services provided by us. This type of information may be disclosed to authorize regulatory authorities, upon request, as required by law.

Use of Cookies

Decisive Technology strongly keeps an eye on protecting the privacy of our users. This Cookies Policy is intended to inform you how our Website uses a technology called "cookies" and web server logs to collect information about how our Website is used. This Policy is intended to assist you in making informed decisions when using the website.

Our privacy policy may change from time to time. Please check the site to ensure you that you are using the current version of your website.

Our Core Values

Around The Clock

Quality Assurance

We handle each project with care & besides care, we prioritize the quality of each project that we work on, to ensure the maximized growth of our client.

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High Quality

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Apart from giving successful results to our clients, we also give guaranteed satisfaction to our valuable clients as the customer is always the king.

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Search Optimization

Creative Touch

Since the competition in business is arising frequently, we make sure that our client's projects are getting that creative touch which makes them unique from others.

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Fully Customizable

Long-Term Business

Since our success is driven by your success, so we ensure our clients to provide them the improved quality of the business so that we happily shake hands every now and then.

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